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Virtual Assistant & Digital Marketing Agency

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Our goal is to enhance visibility and boost productivity for your business

  • Is your brand identity all over the place?

  • Stressing over bulk emails?

  • Need an Integration with Zapier?

  • Need help with Leads, Data Entry and Excel?

  • Need to plan an event but don't know where to start?

  • Have you optimized your business on search engines?

  • Struggling to keep up with your social media?

  • When was the last time you cleared out your to-do list?

We have Worked with Executives, CEO, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs in UK, USA and France. 

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Hey! you might be missing out on sales and things that matters. 

Let's get you back those 6 hours each day. 

Have More Time to ?

Breeliance Administrative Virtual Assistant
Adebola, Cofounder Breeliance

Need an Administrative Virtual Assistant now?

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We understand your time is important. We have made the collaboration process easier than ever before.

Are you stacking up your to-do list every week?

It's time to take back control

A presentation template for timmerman Industries


A new website for Orchid Beauty & Skin


Take that Bold Step Today!

Increase your productivity, buy yourself time to focus on service provision and give yourself peace of mind

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Here is the secret to the ultimate productivity hack!

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Our Projects

Our  Clients

Breeliance, House of Balance
The Fem League
Breeliance, Sustainable Network
Breeliance, Begin again LLc
Breeliance, Compassionate Capitals
Breeliance, Delphine
Breeliance, Motherland Groceries
Breeliance, Travel Better for Less

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What Our Clients have to say

Rahsul Freeman (view his website)
Ruth Osholiki Breeliance

Ruth O.

Give breeliance a try, you will thank yourself

Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day or that you could clone yourself in order to meet all the business requirements necessary for your organisation? Increase your productivity, buy yourself time to focus on service provision and give yourself peace of mind by trusting Breeliance with your digital marketing and virtual assistance needs. The Breeliance team pay attention to the specifics of your brand, target market, key clients/ customers and support you in a way that is brand-compliant, attentive to you company's USP and in line with your organisational growth goals and values.

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